Anti-seize compound for all threads where Spanjaard
Copper Compound and Nickel Compound are
Effective as an anti-seize up to 1500°C. Has lowerbreak
out torque than both Copper Compound and
Nickel Compound.
Meets MIL-A-907E specifications.
Units per Carton: 

Container Size: 
350ml aerosol
500g tin

Application Instructions: 
Should be sprayed onto
the surfaces from approx.
10cm distance.
The bulk versions should
be applied by brush or
Aerosol: After use invert
can and spray to clear

Typical Properties & Handling/Storage: 
Consistency NLGI 2.
Colour: Silver.
Store under cover with lid
closed, away from vibrating
Remove excess from skin and
wash with Spanjaard Hand
Cleaner followed by soap and

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